Our wax is a blend of soy, coconut and a tiny bit of food grade paraffin and made in the US. This blend was specifically made for luxury brands and creates a super smooth, even burn. 

Our wick is a sustainably sourced wooden wick, made in the US, crafted specifically to melt your wax all the way to edges of the vessel, and provide a gentle crackle as it burns. 

We do not add any additional fragrance, so you can enjoy the ambiance of a wood wick, luxury candle without concern. 



You will never find labels or stickers on our candles--our vessel is a blank slate, designed to fit anywhere in your home. 

It took us six months to find the perfect matte black vessel for The Original, and we continue to search meticulously for the best vessels for all future collections. 



Most of our packaging are shipping materials are proudly made with eco friendly materials from EcoEnclose. We also try to to reuse shipping boxes whenever possible. We are committed to sustainable packaging and materials and will continuously work to reduce our carbon footprint.