Vessel Recycling and Refills

Refill your Blank Slate Candle or another candle jar, or exchange your old candle vessels for a discount.


Do you have empty candle jars lying around, or candles you couldn't finish burning because the fragrance was too much?

You can send them to us in exchange for a discount on your next Blank Slate order. Use the form below to get started.


Do you have empty candle jars lying around that you'd like to refill? Whether it's from Blank Slate or another company, we can refill it and restore it to a custom Blank Slate Candle.

Use the form below to get started.


  • Vessels must be glass or ceramic only. We do not accept any glass canning jars, ie weck or mason. We will ask for a picture before you send to confirm.
  • Vessels and jars do not need to be fully cleaned or even empty -- we will happily discard any wax for you and clean the vessels.
  • You can choose to purchase a custom candle refill or take a discount on new candles instead.
  • We will send you a prepaid shipping label so that you can prepare your vessels for shipment. We ask that you ship multiple vessels at a time to limit the environmental impact and cost of this program.
  • The vessels must be in good condition. We reserve the right to reject vessels, refilling and recycling if they are in poor condition. If we reject the vessels and you would like them returned, you must cover the cost of return shipping.